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Meet Meg



Meg is your Spiritual and Business Catalyst who guides you to drop into your self-sourced power and share your magic & medicine with the world.

Meg is known for guiding her clients through deep, transformational work that elicits remembrance of who they are, why they are here, what their magic and medicine are and how to share it with the world. 

Through her work, clients drop into their self-sourced power, get out of their way, shed old layers, transmute old programming, and come to a space of deep trust within where their soul leads, body calibrates, and the mind follows.




By fusing the spiritual world with practical tools for empowerment, Meg has helped thousands of students, clients & followers make meaningful choices & changes in their lives. 

Meg specializes in self-mastery through energetics, subconscious programming, embodiment, intuitive business coaching, digital course creation & online monetization rooted in spiritual wellness offerings.  She also has Chrysalis, her signature spiritual mastermind, Kundalini Yoga Membership, + hosts Dropped In with Meghan Weir on her Podcast.

Meg's Mission


To see clients drop into their self-sourced power, trust their soul's guidance and body's wisdom, become self-led leaders, and create a ripple effect by sharing their magic and medicine with the world. To create more depth, compassion, kindness, love, empowerment & connection in the world at large via practicing self-awareness, emotional intelligence & the integration of spiritual tools. 


This soul-centred speaker, leader and intuitive biz mentor supports clients & students worldwide. 

From Canada to Mexico, Costa Rica and the U.S.

Her clients & audience seek support in deep, transformational work that elicits remembrance of who they are, why they are here, what their magic and medicine are and how to share it with the world.

Meg’s mission is to remind you that you hold the sacred key to unlock your magic & medicine.

Meg's Street Cred


Formerly, she worked as a nurse for sixteen years in various fields, including acute care, complex care, the OR, and mental health and addictions, and was awarded the "Vital Link Award" in 2018 for saving her friend and colleague's life.

With fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience, Meg has built a global coaching business with multiple six-figure revenues.

She is certified in Strategic Intervention through Tony Robbins, learned best practices for trauma-informed, emotional regulation, and nervous system support with Mastin Kipp, is a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher ( with specialized training to support individuals in mental health and addictions), a Somatic-Embodiment Practitioner, and is a Board Certified Master Practitioner and Therapist in Rapid Resolution Therapy, NLP, TIMELINE Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Life and Success Coaching.  

Additionally, she is ten years free of an eating disorder and is focused on deepening the relationship within herself, guiding her life by intuition and introspection, and understanding the language in which her body speaks through deep listening and somatic embodiment.

Most importantly, she practices what she preaches, and she embodies what she teaches.


Soul Leads, Body Calibrates, Mind Follows.