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Meghan Weir
14| Designed To Scale

14| Designed To Scale


Welcome back to Dropped In!


I am SO stoked to be here with you and share my special guest and mentor with you, Cora-Lynn Hazelwood.

In our convo, we chat about how to create content that sells, how less is truly more when it comes to scaling your online business, how to make sales "effortless" or "easy" and fun through content creation, how to navigate the ups and downs of business, team building, and creating a ripple effect through creating a multi-six figure brand and business.


Cora-Lynn is a multiple-six-figure online business strategist who specializes in helping incredible coaches, healers, and mentors fall in love with the tech side of their online business. 

After 5 years in Digital Marketing and Public Relations, she quit her corporate job to offer her skills to small business owners who want to make a difference. She worked behind the scenes in many coaching businesses, helping them scale from their first few thousand into high multiple six-figure businesses. She's obsessed with the tech, believes that our computers can automate everything and knows that the most challenging things we've faced in our human life are often the things we're here to support others through.


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