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Unlock your magnetism and become an energetic match to your deepest desires through Energetic Alignment & Yogic Embodiment.


In Kundalini's philosophy, we have more than one body; we have ten! Yes, you read that right; there are ten bodies in total: the physical, three mental, and six energy bodies. With the ten-body system, we realize that we are so much more than just our physical bodies.

The benefits of Kundalini range from discovering one's true purpose to unlocking a person's full potential. And so, the time has come to illuminate the principles and essence of Kundalini yoga and the Ten Bodies.

Working with the Ten Bodies is another means of personal discovery, growth, healing, and striving to align with our destiny.

Looking at how the gifts of each Ten Bodies manifest when strong versus the deficiency patterns when weak can be enlightening.

Knowing which of the Ten Bodies is out of balance or weak, we can choose kriyas and meditations to build radiance, strength and resiliency within that body.

Why is this a good thing? 

When we feel stuck or down in our lives, there's a good chance one of our Bodies is out of balance.

If we can identify and strengthen that body, we can change things.

However, to do this, we must be open and willing to connect with our higher self and know what the bodies are!

Whether you are an aspiring Yogi, Modern Day Mystic, Coach, Mentor, Trailblazer, Change Maker or Healer, this container is for you! 


 Join Meghan for an immersive experience over the next twelve months and learn and embody the sacred science of Kundalini yoga and the Ten Bodies.

 This is potent work and will change you from the inside out.



The Energetic Exchange is $555 PIF or $203.33 X 3 months

*Please note whether you PIF or choose the payment plan; this is a twelve-month commitment.
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This portal will give you a deeper understanding of Kundalini Yoga and The Ten Bodies.

You will learn to create a Sadhana (Daily spiritual practice) where you start your day every day with pure intention and clear energy, gaining clarity of the mind, strong body vitality and a deep sense of purpose. Your Sadhana is your source of inspiration and guidance, giving you time every day to connect with yourself and unlock your self-sourced power.

Meghan offers a soft, feminine approach, always with a kick-ass playlist that invites you, the student, to become your own guru.

In Magnetic, each month, you will receive the following:

 Pre-recorded Kundalini Yoga practices specific to one of the ten bodies, making your magnetic experience particularly transformative: drop in on your own schedule and move your body, breath, and life force.

Pre-recorded Kundalini meditations to practice moving the lifeforce through your chakra system, make the mind very clear and gain a deeper understanding of each specific body.

Downloadable guides to better understand Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and The Ten Bodies to gain meditative awareness, experience, skill, and depth within each specific Kundalini Body, and a tracking sheet to support your success with your Sadhana.


I want in!

Magnetic is for you if you want to:

‚ĖĶDrop into your self-sourced power, unlock your infinite potential and play in the realm of limitless possibilities
‚ĖĶMagnetize the bliss and prosperity you came here to experience
‚ĖĶCalm your Nervous System, Ignite Intuition & Expand Your Radiance From the Inside¬†
‚ĖĶElevate your energy and expand your electromagnetic field
‚ĖĶUpgrade your magnetism and become a magnet for miracles
‚ĖĶDevelop a personal practice focusing on specific areas of development in your¬†life: e.g. radiance, prosperity, health, happiness, and self-trust.
¬†‚ĖĶ¬†Rewire your subconscious to receive a new level of success
‚ĖĶEmbody your Soul's Purpose¬†
‚ĖĶHeal your Karma
‚ĖĶ Release Emotional & Energetic blocks
‚ĖĶUplevel all areas of your life & biz


Why twelve months?

I firmly believe creating the necessary time and space to practice, integrate and embody to drop into your self-sourced power is essential.

The Energetic Exchange is $555 PIF or $203.33 x 3 months.

*Please note whether you PIF or choose the payment plan; this is a twelve-month commitment.
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Client LOVE

"I have come to know Meghan Weir over the last three years and participated in several of her course offerings, including subscribing to her membership, Sat Nam Sessions. 

Kundalini Yoga, guided by Meghan, has been a unique and transforming experience for me in my life as I moved into creating more and more joy in my life. 

So,  when Meghan offered a more in-depth learning of the Ten Bodies of Kundalini, I didn't hesitate to subscribe. 

I loved the format of a new learning each month, which kept me engaged and focused.  I looked forward to each new chapter throughout the year.  Do not hesitate to invest in this fantastic series led by this amazing, kind and authentic human named Meghan Weir."  Cheryl Pasieka

"Magnetic =LIT!!!"

Just finished the Kundalini practice and meditation. I am so ready for this. SO glad my soul gets to take another trip around the sun with you!" Julie Jacobs


"I cannot thank you enough for my transformative experience with Magnetic and my journey with you as an earth angel reminding us of our inner sparkle and how bright we can shine if only we believe in ourselves.

You believe in us.

You taught me to trust again, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

My time with you in Cedars changed my life.

My commitment to myself came from your encouragement.

Magnetic not only allowed me the time, space and endless opportunity to tap into my self-sourced power, be able to connect with my body and the universe in a way I never knew but always knew was there on a cellular level." Hannelle K-P

Meg is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Board Certified Master Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Intuitive Biz Mentor who guides you to unlock your self-sourced power and share your magic & medicine with the world. She's known for guiding clients through deep, transformational work that elicits remembrance of who they are and why they are here.
Through her work, clients drop into their self-sourced power, get out of their way, shed old layers, transmute old programming, and come to a space of deep trust within where their soul leads, body calibrates, and their mind follows.
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