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Your home to strengthen self-awareness, enhance emotional intelligence, and keep your nervous system healthy so you can hold more, create more, manifest more and magnetize more. 

Sat Nam Sessions


Welcome to your Radical At Home Kundalini Yoga Experience


Sat Nam Sessions is a wellness studio for meditation, breathwork and kundalini yoga practices on-demand customized for you. Use the technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to amplify your best self, and empower you to create a prosperous, successful, and wildly fulfilling life.

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The journey through the self, with the self, to the realization that everything is rigged in your favour. 

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Kundalini Yoga for Body Acceptance, Disordered Eating & Radical Self Love.

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Cutting-edge tools to support you in the moment when your inner shit is hitting the fan.

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Discover who you truly are so you can acknowledge the untruths you've been living, break free from illusions holding you back, drop into your self-sourced power and own your magic and medicine.

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