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>> Specific Teachings to Accelerate Your Success and Drop Into Your Self-Sourced Power
>> Cultivate Inner Freedom and Transformation on a Deep Cellular Level
>>Mental Health and Manifestation Made Easy

Join your Spiritual Running Buddies inside our Virtual Wellness Studio with over 120 practices that include power practices, breathwork, meditation, and Kundalini Yoga and meditation practices.


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You hold the key to unlock your magic and medicine.



Your Radical, At-Home Kundalini Yoga Experience


Sat Nam Sessions is a wellness studio for on-demand meditation, breathwork and kundalini yoga practices. 

Use the technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to amplify your best self, and empower you to create a prosperous, successful, and wildly fulfilling life.


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Welcoming All Levels

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$222.00 USD Annually  


Experience the Depthfulness of Sat Nam Sessions


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Accessible to you, so you feel welcome and start anywhere, whether you are brand new or a seasoned Kundalini Yogi.


Curated, on-demand classes for intuition, prosperity, stress release, and anxiety.


A new class is added to our library every Thursday, stacked with over 120 practices.

Seek and You Will Find Depth...


"Thank you to my beautiful sister, Meghan Weir, for supporting me in all ways with her Sat Nam Sessions. She is a spiritual blessing. Always supporting all the souls who need a gentle nudge towards the light and towards their true potential. If you need a little beam of light to shine for you during these crazy times, you absolutely should say yes to Sat Nam Sessions and all her offerings. You will not be disappointed."

Lorraine Mc Gregor

"This morning, I did the Kriya to Reclaim Your Power. Dang! That spoke to me so much that afterwards, I re-started the playlist and danced with reckless abandon. It was 5 am, and I was as free as a bird."

Jolene Jacobs

"My anxiety has been at an all-time high for the last two weeks, and this retreat helped me release it from my chest and surrender to the universe. 10/10 feel way better! I love Meghan, I love Kundalini, and I love her work. When you're presented with the opportunity to attend her classes, retreats, and masterminds, I wouldn't give it up. The healing we do with Meg is beyond powerful. "

Kristina Gauthier


...Inside Sat Nam Sessions





Power Sessions

Get unlimited access on all of your devices to quick and potent power sessions, connective meditations, rejuvenating breathwork, and transformative yoga practices inside Sat Nam Sessions!

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"In just the 2 days of 1hr sessions my anxiety has decreased immensely, I have faith and hope that things are happening the way they are meant to for me and have an overall feeling of peace which I have been missing for a very long time.

I am grateful for your journey and your offerings."

"I have been practicing Kundalini under the guidance of Meghan for about three years.

Meghan is a genuine, kind and magnificent leader in her field.

I was thrilled when her website offered me the opportunity to tap into the set of Sat Nam sessions. 

I am now able to join a session whenever I feel the need. 

Each Sat Nam has a brief description identifying the area a particular practice will focus on. 

Meghan has done an excellent job compiling a wide array of power sessions, kriyas, breathwork and shorter meditations if you are short of time and need some grounding before starting your day. 

You will not be disappointed in subscribing to this rich package of magic." 

Cheryl Pasieka

"Sat Nam Sessions is such a gift!

Although I prefer to do Kundalini in person, in reality, this is not always feasible and these recordings are just as powerful! I love how you adapt these kriyas so we have a short practice to slip into our days and connect with our energy."

Sat Nam, Laura.

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Monthly Membership

Our Founder, Meg

Meg is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Board Certified Master Coach, Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Business Mentor who guides you to unlock your self-sourced power and share your magic & medicine with the world.

She’s known for guiding her clients through deep, transformational work that elicits remembrance of who they are and why they are here.

Through her work, clients drop into their self-sourced power, get out of their way, shed old layers, transmute old programming, and come to a space of deep trust within where their soul leads, body calibrates, and their mind follows.



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