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You are you, and this is your power; it's time to embrace your infinite potential & embody your highest self!

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Hi, I'm Meghan,

I'm here to connect you with the truth of who you are.

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Welcome To The Soul Alchemy Collective


For most of my life, I felt alone, like I didn't fit in or belong, and felt misunderstood by others; I felt displaced and misaligned from all of the masks I wore, trying so hard to fit in. I did my best to act normal, to blend in, to meet the status quo. As a result, I pleased and appeased, numbed, and became completely disconnected; I lost myself in trying so desperately to be like everyone else that I forgot who I was and why I came here. I dimmed my light, silenced my voice and settled in careers, relationships, and life itself. As a result of losing my soul self,  I had a deep yearning to return home, which resulted in ongoing suicidal ideation.

After committing to my healing journey and returning home to my soul's truth, I realized it was home within my highest self that I was longing for.

If you can relate, please know that you're not alone; finding purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life is possible! My life's work is to support others along their journey in returning home to their highest selves.


Welcome, Home!


The Soul Alchemy Collective is for you, my brothers and sisters, to feel safe to share your soul's voice and feel safe to be seen. Together, we will take the sacred voyage in remembering who you are and who you came here to be.

 Within our Collective, I offer an abundance of Free Resources, 1:1 Coaching, Global Retreats, Spiritual Masterminds, Digital Programs, Kundalini Yoga and many more offerings that are alchemizing as I type.

 The Soul Alchemy Collective offers all the things for you to Embrace and Embody the Frequency of 'You Being You.'

1:1 Coaching 

Actualize your most significant potential by achieving mental, emotional, and spiritual mastery inside one of my 1:1 Coaching Containers.

Whether it’s the transformation you’re seeking personally or professionally, I’ve got you.


I'm Ready!

Spiritual Mastermind

This Virtual Sacred Circle is all about you, coming home to you, your truth, and what’s in alignment for you, supported by a vibrant Sisterhood filled with love, deep healing and soul-filling connections.

Gf, this circle will be all things woo combined with safe, trauma-informed practices mixed with enduring Soul Alchemy, and most importantly, deep, meaningful connections and conversations.

Spring 2022


My passion is supporting my clients to gain a clearer sense of who they are, what they want and how to get it.  At these retreats, you'll be able to do just that by completely disconnecting from the outside world and reconnecting to your inside world.  If you're ready for a radical transformation, then you're ready for this retreat.


Spring 2022

Transform & Transcend

It's time to elevate & expand in this high vibrational container. This portal is fire and is the most affordable way to receive coaching and mentorship with me easily. 

A safe space where trusting your truth is just the beginning.

Open enrolment. Join now.


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 Kundalini Activations

Calm the Nervous System, Ignite Intuition & Expand Your Radiance From the Inside Out through my signature Kundalini Activations.

Whether you are a coach wanting to offer Kundalini Yoga within your certifications and masterminds, or you're looking to receive 1:1 teachings with me, this is for you!


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Activate & Acscend

This is for you if you're wanting to be in my Vortex and receive unlimited Voxer support during business hours over a 30-day period to support you in life, biz, or both. This offering includes a 90-minute breakthrough session where I offer potent tools for deep subconscious reprogramming that includes your choice of either personalized recorded hypnosis or a specific meditation based on tantric numerology.


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Sacred Mission

My mission is to support individuals in reducing their human suffering by embodying their soul sovereignty thru harnessing their subconscious minds' healing power.

You're ready to Transform &Transcend & share YOUR innate gifts with the world, aren't you?

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Reclaim Your Power Meditation

Start your spiritual journey with my EPIC cord-cutting meditation.