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Meghan Weir
36| Embodying the Divine Feminine: A Journey from Self-Rejection to Self-Acceptance

36| Embodying the Divine Feminine: A Journey from Self-Rejection to Self-Acceptance


Welcome back to Dropped In!

Join Whitney, a mental health therapist, as she shares her personal journey from self-rejection to self-acceptance in this powerful conversation on the divine feminine.

Discover the importance of connecting with your own inner wisdom and inherent value, and learn how to navigate the noise of external validation.

Whitney offers practical steps to start listening to your intuition and finding peace within, including spending time in nature and surrounding yourself with supportive relationships.

Find hope and inspiration as she encourages you to take the leap of faith toward a more authentic and fulfilling life.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

3:20 - Background and Professional Journey
4:32 - Self-Destruction and Seeking Healing
7:03 - The Concept of Divine Feminine
11:23 - Disconnect from Divine Feminine in Addiction
14:02 - Steps for Self-Acceptance
21:28 - Listen to Your Intuition
30:38 - Leaving Old Relationships and Moving Forward
35:53 - Connect with Whitney
37:25 - Message of Hope


Whitney Walker is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in addiction, eating disorders, trauma, and Spirituality. She also works as a recovery coach and spiritual guide. Whitney owns a private practice in the California Bay Area where she sees clients, couples, and families. Whitney incorporates spiritual concepts into her work, including the return of the Divine Feminine to our world and moving from a place of Fear to Love, releasing self-destruction and rejection to embrace unconditional self-love and acceptance. These ideas form the concept of Women Waken, her business and vision for the future. Whitney created The Women Waken Podcast, A Holistic Guide to Wellness and Abundant Self-Love, along with an accompanying YouTube channel, please check it out!

Connect with Whitney
iG: WomenWaken

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