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Meghan Weir
37| The Healing Versus Hustling Movement: Embracing Your Self Sourced Power

37| The Healing Versus Hustling Movement: Embracing Your Self Sourced Power


I'm super stoked to be back sharing a microdose hit of magic & medicine with you today!

In this episode, I share a powerful message about the difference between being a healer and empowering oneself.

I express my aversion to being labelled as a healer and emphasize the importance of individuals taking responsibility for their own healing journey.
I discuss my own personal experiences with manipulative individuals who claimed to be healers and stress the need for facilitators of change work to practice what they preach and to embody what they teach.
I introduce the concept of the Healing versus Hustling movement and my commitment to helping others embrace their self-sourced power.
This episode is a beautiful reminder that true healing comes from within.

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

3:56 - The Power of Self-Healing

9:04 - The Responsibility of Healers

14:02 - The Healing versus Hustling Movement

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