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The Power of Self-Healing: Embracing Your Inner Wisdom


In today's post, I want to touch upon the topic of healing. As many of you know, I have overcome a lot in my lifetime. I've experienced what feels like thousands of lives within this one lifetime. Through my own healing journey, I vowed that once I found a space of deep connection and healing, I would help others end their suffering. This is my purpose, my mission.

I take radical responsibility for my healing and am passionate about guiding others on their healing journeys. But here's the thing: I don't consider myself a healer. Yes, I have incredible healing gifts, and I'm trained in various modalities to support others, but I don't identify as a healer. Let me explain.

In the past, I have encountered individuals who portrayed themselves as healers but were, in fact, wounded themselves. They came from a place of ego and power and caused significant trauma in my life. This experience led me to understand that healing is a personal journey. I cannot heal others; I can only guide and support them. The true power lies within each individual.

That's why I have an aversion to the title of "healer." I believe that if someone is in a position to support others on their healing journey, they must take their work seriously and embody what they teach. It's not enough to have a fragment of knowledge or a few skills; one must have a deep understanding and experience in the modalities they offer. Playing with people's lives is serious work and should never be taken lightly.

Instead of calling myself a healer, I prefer to refer to myself as a vessel, a channel or a guide. Yes, I have the knowledge and the tools, but it is ultimately the individual who does the work. If someone tells me I've healed them or saved their life, I pass the credit back to them. It is their inner power, their commitment, and their willingness to do the work that creates transformation.

I invite you to reflect on this concept. We live in a society that often looks for external answers, believing that someone else has the power to heal us. But the truth is that everything we need is within us already. It's about connecting with ourselves, learning to trust our own inner wisdom, and cultivating a sense of safety and self-love.

My work extends beyond healing—it's about empowering individuals to become their own healers. I've witnessed profound transformations in my clients, and it's truly a privilege to support them. I consider myself a facilitator, a guide on their journey. But the real magic happens when they tap into their own power and trust their innate wisdom.

This brings me to the concept of the Healing versus Hustling movement. In a society that values hustle and external success, it's crucial to shift our focus toward the healing and well-being of our inner selves. This foundational work is essential for building an authentic and sustainable empire, whether you're a solopreneur or a modern mystic.

It's time to embrace the power within ourselves. Each of us has the ability to be our own guru, our own teacher, and our own healer. It's about trusting our intuition, taking responsibility for our healing, and honouring our unique journey.

I want to emphasize that this perspective doesn't discredit the importance of seeking guidance or support from others. We all need mentors and teachers along the way. But it's essential to choose wisely and discerningly. Look for those who truly embody the principles they teach, have walked the path themselves, and can guide you from a place of authenticity and integrity.

So, my dear readers, I leave you with this message: embrace your inner wisdom. Trust yourself and your innate ability to heal. Seek guidance and support, but remember that the true power lies within you. You have the potential to create a profound transformation in your life, and I am here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Together, let's empower each other to embrace our inner healing power and create a ripple effect of love and well-being.

Until next time, stay connected to your self-sourced power and continue to share your magic and medicine with the world.

With love and gratitude,